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Junior Thesis Week 2 Dev Log

The week of February 12th to the 18th, my goal was to solidify my designs for the character, weapon, and prop I am working on. I continued the design process in Procreate, which made it super easy to work on the designs anywhere.

I didn't really mention this in my last post but, I envision all of these concepts and models going into a 3rd person shooter game. I think the idea I settled on was for the player to play as a member of a street gang in Victorian-era England.

The first concept I worked on was the finalized character design. For this, I really liked the body shape of my fourth design and the clothing of the third design, so I combined them into the final product.

I really like the design I ended up with! I feel like this character, who I have named "Jo", satisfies the idea that I had for the character in my head. I'm glad that I experimented with different body types because I think I ended up with something more unique than I originally thought of.

After that, I finalized the weapon design. I took the third weapon design and tried to really figure out the mechanics/ pieces to it.

I am probably going to go back in later on and add more ornate patterns to the gold pieces in the actual weapon reference sheet. I thought that design three from the rough sketches was the most well thought out design of the three. I looked at more firearm references to really make sure I was getting the different parts correct.

The third finalized concept that I did this week was a prop concept. I decided to go with the lantern design because I thought it would be cool if the player character has a light source they can use.

For this, I look at lots of different references for old vintage oil lamps. I made the lantern itself look like it was newer than the ones I was referencing. I wanted it to look like it was recently made in the game's time period.

The workload was fairly normal for this week and I finished all the work 30 minutes quicker than I initially estimated that it would. I think these designs will be interesting to 3D model and will test my skills well. The next week's goal is to make a character reference sheet.

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