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Junior Thesis Dev Log Week 4

So I wanted to start off by saying that since I last posted the world has fallen into disarray. I left school for spring break and everything kind of fell apart afterward. My college closed because of the COVID-19 outbreak and so I've spent the past couple of weeks retrieving my stuff and getting used to having classes from home. As a result, I am pretty far behind on my schedule, to the point where I had to cut some things out of this project. That being said, here is the progress I've accomplished in that time.

The task for week 4 was to create a prop sheet that I could 3D model from. I drew the revolver and the lantern with cleaner linework to model from.

Because I am behind on this project, I have decided to forgo modeling the two props because I think that the character model would be a better addition to my portfolio. I have already modeled several different kinds of props before and feel that I have a decent understanding of the process behind making them. That being said, I might go back after the semester is over, during the summer and fully model the two props.

I feel like the past few weeks have really thrown me for a loop and I need to work on getting myself back on track and in a working mindset.

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