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Junior Thesis Week 5 Dev Log

This week I started working on the actual 3D model of my character. This week has been especially hard on my motivation. I've felt very stuck and unmotivated to do anything, even though I need to get work done. It's not like I don't want to do these projects, I'm very interested in everything I have been working on this semester. I just think that because of all that is going on I have mentally checked out. I am currently working on finding a solution to this problem, I want to be able to grow stronger from this experience.

Here are some screenshots of what I got done this week.

This is the basic mesh I got to on my own without any tutorials. While I am happy that I was able to make it look somewhat like a human body, I think that I am going to scrap this mesh and restart, following a video tutorial this time.

Although I made a valiant effort to figure the solution out myself, I think there are some places that need improvement. I think that I did not attach the legs properly and that I need to add more edge loops where the joints bend and to the torso in general.

Because this has been such a rough week, I am happy that I at least got some work done. Next week I am going to try harder to motivate myself to work and to fix my base mesh so that I can add things like clothing and sculpt details.

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