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Junior Thesis Week 8, 9, and 10 Dev Log

So this week I have been finishing up my Junior thesis. The past 3 weeks have been filled with a bunch of technical problems.

Modeling the clothing was an interesting task, I had a lot of fun figuring out how to make the pants and coat especially. It didn't take me as long as I thought, I finished half an hour before I thought I would.

The next week I ran into a bunch of problems. I was supposed to model the hair and then sculpt in the details, but the software I normally use, Mudbox, wouldn't run on my laptop. So instead, I tried to learn to use Blender in order to sculpt the rest of my project. Unfortunately, learning new software was taking a long time, so I just ended up cutting the sculpting out of my schedule.

I ended up just poly modeling the hair instead of trying to sculpt it in Blender. I extruded the faces from the head in the general shape of the hair and then extruded the bun from the back of the hair.

The next week I worked on getting everything ready so I could render my model. I added lighting to the scene and added a floor plane and a pseudo-skydome.

I'm fairly happy with the results I got, especially considering the circumstances. I know that if I were at school I would have been able to do better, specifically because I would have the software I needed and the space to focus on the project better. I think that I am going to keep practicing my modeling over the summer and add more to my 3D portfolio.

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