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Junior Thesis Week 3 Dev Log

This week's task was to create a character reference sheet that I use to model my 3D character.

I transferred my finalized character design into a new Procreate file and started drawing reference lines so that I could line up the views on my reference sheet. I then worked on drawing a back and side view of my character.

This part of the project took about an hour less than I originally estimated. I think the hardest part was drawing the side profile because I tend to not draw my characters from that angle very much.

I tried to keep the sheet at simple as possible so that I don't get confused when I start the modeling process. I used minimal shading and left my color palette at the bottom so that I can reference it again when it comes time to texture the character.

Overall, the workload this week wasn't too terrible. I am expecting my workload to increase when it comes time to 3D model and sculpt everything.

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